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Make a breakthrough in this free indie arcade game

Invalid Break is a free fast-paced action arcade video game that allows you to break through walls with the power of “intentional bugs.” Developed by maybell for Wowie Jam 2.0, this space-themed game puts you on into the shoes of an unlucky character imprisoned forever for heinous crimes. Fortunately, you happen to be a Breaker—someone who can pretty much glitch through walls and enemies and possibly get out of jail. Invalid Break, as its name implies, has you cheating the system with this power so if you’re the type of player who’s interested in this kind of gameplay, this title may be a good match for you.

Glitchy magic

Invalid Break’s gameplay is pretty simple. Armed with a good mouse, you can aim and dash with a left click in order to phase through walls and the one-eyed enemy droids that will relentlessly pursue you whenever you’re in their designated area. If they catch up to you, you lose a life—and you usually have 3 lives unless you manage to pick up a Heart in the level. 

Dashing isn’t wholly infinite, as it eats up one whole charge of your power and only comes back after your dash bubble pops. You can gain another whole charge by collecting the four glowing green orbs in each level to allow consecutive dashes to be performed. You only beat a level and progress through the next one once you’ve dashed through all enemies, according to the Remaining counter on the top of the screen. The number of robots will increase for every level. 

The maps you enter are simple in design—various sections divided by thick walls and some patrolled by any number of robots. Some of the sections are small and empty so you can take refuge in them by dashing through. You can also bypass the outer edges of the map and jump to other sections by dashing. Invalid Break is easy to play as long as you have a mouse and it’s challenging enough in getting you to think quick on how you’re going to use your Breaker powers.


  • Fluid character movements
  • Quick power regeneration
  • Cool concept
  • Intuitive map designs


  • Overwhelmingly difficult enemy swarms later
  • Can only pick up Hearts and not earn them

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Invalid Break


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